Washington University in St. Louis experts say they can estimate how far dementia has progressed and how much time is left before cognitive impairment sets in.

California nuclear medicine experts said the technology will ultimately become part of routine staging for the disease, publishing their study findings in JAMA Oncology.

National Comprehensive Cancer Network recommendations are widely recognized by providers and payers as the standard for clinical policy in oncology.

Lantheus recently presented early results from the OSPREY trial during the American Urological Association's virtual meeting.

Follow-up imaging 4-8 weeks after transarterial radioembolization predicted six-month treatment response and overall survival.

The memorandum of understanding agreement will focus on expanding patients' access to molecular imaging and establishing Kettering Health as a regional center of excellence.

Part of their list includes info regarding the agency's move to approve Aduhelm for broader treatment indications than studied during clinical testing, a gripe similar to complaints cited by SNMMI.

Researchers tested Gallium 68-labeled PSMA-PET/MRI in patients who had yet to undergo a biopsy, a key difference from most prior analyses, they explained in Radiology.

With this new award, the Beloit, Wisconsin, company has received upward of $100M in cooperative agreements from the U.S. Department of Energy.

Two Stanford University experts made their case for using molecular imaging to select patients for 177-Lu-PSMA-617 in a new Journal of Nuclear Medicine editorial.

A U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission subcommittee recommends mandatory reporting of certain skin damage caused by radiation, but the suggestion is far from finalized.

Relying on pre-established dose guidance can keep patients from undergoing clinically necessary exams, top radiation safety organizations cautioned in a new joint statement.

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David Sides has been named president and CEO of NextGen Healthcare, an ambulatory-focused technology company that develops electronic health record software.


AI should not be used to predict the course of clinical depression if all it has to work with are new patients’ medical records of past diagnoses, medications, encounters and patient-reported outcomes.

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