The fully digital modality can also offer insights into various neurodegenerative diseases, German researchers wrote Tuesday. 

The Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization said its new scandium-47 radioisotope has applications in both PET and SPECT approaches.

Clinicians using this modern machine can get a more accurate contrast measurement and improve their cancer diagnosis, researchers wrote in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine.

Australian researchers also recommended updating current diagnostic pathways to incorporate the new molecular imaging approach.

The drop bucks a nearly quarter-century-long trend in rising radiation dosage, dating back to 1980, researchers wrote Tuesday in Radiology.

The president of the American Society of Nuclear Cardiology said there are no shortfalls reported at this time, but the organization is keeping an eye on the situation as more countries implement travel bans.

Montefiore Medical Center has been running its pretreatment nuclear medicine clinic for 14 years, and its had an overwhelming impact on patients, according to a new study published in Current Problems in Diagnostic Radiology.

The Beloit, Wisconsin-based company has received exclusive rights from Capella Imaging to develop and investigate a new fibrin-targeted diagnostic agent that's used in heart imaging exams.

German scientists recently beat out 21 other projects in a three-year contest to improve the differential diagnosis of the disease.

Founder and CEO Greg Piefer made the announcement during a recent Wisconsin Technology Council luncheon in Madison, according to a recent report. 

The new radiopharmaceutical has only been tested in mice thus far, but investigators believe it can overcome some of the problems inherent in similarly labeled materials.

"We hope that the tool will one day enable clinicians to determine the most effective doses of specific drugs in specific patients, so as to further optimize the treatment of infectious diseases," investigators of the new trial wrote in Nature Medicine.