Molecular Targeting Technologies, a privately owned biotech company, recently won a patent for its 18F-fluroglucaric acid necrosis agent.

SNMMI said V/Q scans can be increasingly incorporated as a normal part of the workup of suspected pulmonary embolism.

Publishers and providers may use the simple checklist to weed out promises from true clinical advances, researchers explained in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine.

SNMMI and ASNC developed their step-by-step document to be a somewhat easy read, sharing the 20-page statement free online.

Lymph node swelling has been reported in up to 16% of patients who've received either the Pfizer/BioNTech or Moderna shots, SNMMI noted.

The collaboration with CardioNavix is expected to benefit low-volume centers, community hospitals, physician practices and outpatient imaging locations.

NET diagnoses are rare but have increased by 6.4-fold between 1973 and 2012, researchers reported in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine.

Big-name players Novartis and Bristol Myers Squibb were among those that participated in the company's series A round of financing.

National Institutes of Health and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center researchers shared their findings in the March issue of the Journal of Nuclear Medicine.

Pressures from payers and other groups may hamper providers, but ASNC President Randall C. Thompson, MD, said patients must always come first.

Increased radiotracer uptake in the lymph nodes may result in false-positive findings, according to a letter to the editor published in Radiology.

Each year nearly 30 million patients benefit from diagnostic imaging exams utilizing the Tc-99m medical radioisotope.

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