FDA clears MIM Symphony for brachytherapy
MIM Software’s MIM Symphony is available as a brachytherapy treatment planning system for permanent seed implants.

The MIM Symphony module joins MIM Maestro on the MIM software platform and provides a combination of tools for radiation oncologists working with brachytherapy. The module integrates MRI, CT, ultrasound and molecular imaging into treatment planning.

New to the MIM Symphony software is the ReSlicer tool. For treatments requiring needle insertions that aren’t pre­cisely perpendicular to the imaging plane, ReSlicer re-orients images for planning and dosimetry. ReSlicer can be applied to breast, lung, liver and other treatments.

MIM Symphony integrates many of the tools found in MIM Maestro, MIM’s radiation oncology product. Using dose accumulation, MIM Symphony can sum a brachytherapy plan with any other DICOM dose file, providing representation of the full dose delivered to the patient. This identifies and compensates for hot spots and underdoses, according to the Cleveland-based provider of medical imaging software.

With MIM Symphony, multi-modality fusion allows either the original planning image or a separate post-implant image, such as an MRI, to be registered to a post-implant CT for target contouring.