Interactive 3D anatomic holograms in the works

Work is underway at UC-San Francisco to develop an augmented-reality system for planning oncologic interventions using 3D models. The models are not 3D printouts, as you might expect. They’re 3D holograms created from patients’ CT scans and superimposed, a la Pokémon Go, in real-world settings.

The school’s department of radiology and biomedical imaging blogged on the work earlier this week. Along with a brief written description, the blog offers a video demonstration led by the system’s co-designer, pediatric radiologist Jesse Courtier, MD.

Courtier shows a holographic liver mass and the major anatomic structures near it, giving a good sense of what treatment planners will get to work with when the system becomes available.

The demo is less than a minute and a half. Click to see: