Mammography clinics usher in the age of ‘mammoglam’

Mammography clinics are getting creative these days in an effort  to make breast screening a little more appealing. Massage chairs and goody bags are only a few of the ways imaging providers are trying to make the experience more positive.

Shawna Peters, 44, told the New York Times she jumped at the opportunity to attend V.I.P night at Fairview clinic in Eagan, Minnesota. There, beverage bars and warm robes are followed by goody bags with lip balms and pedicure accessories.

The New York Time also spoke with Robert J. Min, chairman of radiology at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York, among many others, about its new Manhattan imaging location. Women are offered a wide selection of robes and gowns along with a waiting room with adjustable lighting and a welcoming environment.

“I was trying to put color in but, honestly, inject a little bit of life and positivity,” he told the Times. “We’re very conscious about, no one wants to be there—it’s not like going to an Apple Store.”

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