More women learn their mammograms were misread by suspended radiologist

At least seven patients have found out their mammograms were misread since health officials determined in May that the doctor and owner of a Richmond, Virginia, breast care center wrongly interpreted 18 scans.

The Virginia Board of Medicine labeled Michael Bigg “incompetent to practice medicine and surgery” in a 61-page report issued May 20. Now, in a new story from Richmond 6 news, Taleshia Chandler said she received exams at Bigg’s Allison Breast Center in 2013, 2014, and 2015, with the doctor repeatedly telling her everything was fine.

"I was told it was calcification. I had no reason to question or doubt it," Chandler told the news outlet Tuesday. "Three months later I was told I had stage 4 breast cancer. I couldn't understand it."

It wasn’t until she received a link to the original story about Bigg from a friend that Chandler decided to take her mammograms to another radiologist. That professional told her the cancer should have been caught in 2013.

Bigg denies such allegations, claiming he did not breach the standard of care, the Virginia news organization reported.

Chandler’s cancer is stable, but she undergoes chemo every three weeks and oral chemo every two weeks for seven days at a time. She’s since filed a complaint with the Virginia Department of Health Professions and says her main goal is to prevent this from happening to other women.

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