‘Red Journal’ special issue will highlight imaging’s role in radiation oncology

A new special edition of the International Journal of Radiation Oncology•Biology•Physics will focus on imaging in radiation oncology, with more than 70 studies and essays available for free on the topic from Nov. 26-30.

Nicknamed “Red Journal” the collection will feature topics such as improving image accuracy through patient positioning, defining radiation therapy volumes, imaging functional biomarkers, artificial intelligence and more.

“This special edition on patient imaging in radiation oncology explores the range of activities radiation oncologists perform as they work with their patients, and it underscores the vibrancy of imaging in our specialty,” said Sue Yom, MD, PhD, with the University of California, San Francisco who also edited the collection, in a statement. “The articles contain scientific inventions, novel applications of standard imaging techniques and cautionary notices, and they are likely to stimulate changes in practice and/or research.”

Access the free online journal here, as well as an accompanying podcast here.