Studies show the system helps providers distinguish between normal and abnormal lesions.

The researchers will develop methods to differentiate between cancerous and healthy, nonfatty tissue.

The system also sent nearly 90% of dense breast scans for radiologist review due to abnormal lesions.

New research also revealed that the molecular imaging technique can better diagnose cancer spread compared to conventional CT scanning.

California nuclear medicine experts said the technology will ultimately become part of routine staging for the disease, publishing their study findings in JAMA Oncology.

University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center experts believe the differences could have an impact on cancer detection.

Miami Cancer Institute experts found the technique "significantly" prolonged overall survival, sharing their findings at the European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology 2021 conference.

Radiologists combined 10 key radiomic features with other clinical information to predict which patients were expected to survive more than three years.

Ideally, clinicians could weigh the pros and cons for each exam, but time is typically at a premium for radiology departments flooded with prostate scan requests.

The use of active surveillance—imaging, PSA testing, etc.—increased overall but many patients are still opting to undergo surgery, radiation or therapy.

CT scans performed at 5 months, instead of 6, for probably benign nodules can save lives and lower combined LDCTs, researchers reported.

Those who arrived at ground zero within about 2 weeks of the attacks showed more evidence of disease on their scans, Mount Sinai researchers reported.

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"Be the squeaky wheel. This issue was taken care of because physicians stood up,” Rad Partners' Richard Heller, MD, told RSNA attendees Monday. 

The platform runs on Azure, a cloud computing service operated by Microsoft, which recently announced plans to acquire Nuance for $20B. 

Radiology experts analyzed fetal MRIs from 33 women who contracted the virus while bearing a child, sharing their results Tuesday at RSNA. 

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