Yale Medicine researcher and lead author Melissa A. Durand, MD, said she expects the method to move forward as the standard of care, replacing traditional mammography

The new guidance is expected to increase the availability of breast imaging services during the pandemic, the administration said recently.

Both the University of California, San Francisco, and UCLA received the greenlight for Gallium-68 PSMA-11 and noted it is rare for academic institutions to obtain such approval.

Radiologist and Allison Breast Center owner Michael Bigg is being sued by six women over wrongly interpreted scans. 

American Cancer Society researchers also found that state-level screening rates are not aligned with lung cancer cases.

Sonja Wowk, 63, is the sixth woman to file suit against Michael Bigg and the Allison Breast Cancer.

The combination detected more cancers overall and a larger crop of early stage cases compared to digital mammography, Italian researchers reported in Radiology.

One radiologist estimates that only 50% of his patients have had their annual mammograms.

The pair recently announced the first five projects to receive funding through the new collaboration.

Shared decision-making visits between a patient and doctor who were familiar with one another led to lower screening rates.

President and CEO Ken Song, MD, said the radiopharmaceutical field remains an untapped opportunity in cancer care.

German researchers reported success using Cerenkov luminescence imaging in 10 patients, according to a first-in-human study published in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine.

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Two different companies announced that they are recalling all lots of the medication. 

CardioSmart, an online resource for both patients and clinicians, has a new editor. 

The funding includes $8.5 billion in American Rescue Plan resources for providers who treat Medicaid, Children's Health Insurance Program and Medicare patients.

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