Columbus Regional Health installs new imaging system as part of expansion

With the expansion of a new emergency department, Columbus Regional Health has installed a new imaging system, DRX-Evolution Plus, to enhance productivity and speed.

Columbus Regional Health in Rochester, New York, sees an average of 47,000 patients a year, so these additions were necessary to improving patient care. 

“The moveable wall stand ... expedites cross-table and other complex exams and reduces the need to move patients who are seriously ill or injured,” said Bill Algee, the hospital’s radiology manager. “This system’s design and ease of use allow our technologists to efficiently capture imaging studies that can equip physicians to deliver responsive diagnosis and treatment.”

The imaging system also features an autotracking feature that allows the x-ray tube to move precisely into position, thus decreasing fatigue and stress injuries for technologists. 

Algee also notes that he and his staff are looking forward to the using the new system in their department,  “Being able to use any DRX detector in any DRX system is a tremendous advantage and we appreciate the flexibility and redundancy it provides."