Aultman Hospital to install a variety of GE systems
GE Healthcare has announced that Aultman Hospital, in Canton, Ohio, has purchased a wide variety of technologies from the company which are expected to arrive by year's end. The technologies will be used to provide better care for patients with Parkinson's disease, diabetes, cancer and heart disease and will be included as part of Aultman's newest patient care facility.
As part of the purchase, GE will provide the following systems to the hospital: a 1.5T EXCITE high-definition (HD) MRI system, a LightSpeed 16 CT system, four Proteus Rooms, two portable x-ray units, three Millenium MyoSIGHT nuclear medicine systems, a Millennium MG nuclear medicine system, two LOGIQ 9 ultrasound systems, and an Innova 2000 cardiac catheterization laboratory.