Aurora Dedicated Breast MRI System upgrade installed at Boston-based imaging center
Faulkner-Sagoff Breast Imaging and Diagnostic Centre at Faulkner Hospital, Boston, Mass., is using the Aurora Dedicated Breast MRI System to provide patients with a more advanced breast cancer detection.

The Aurora system -- the only FDA-cleared MRI System designed for breast imaging -- has recently been upgraded from 0.5T to 1.5T (Tesla) magnet which will give physicians clearer images for more accurate diagnosis. 

The Aurora is not like standard MRI systems in that it has an 'elliptical sweet spot' which covers both breasts, the lymph nodes, and the chest area in one scan. Also, through Aurora's patented RODEO technology, the system generates greater detail about a lesion including distance, length/width, area, surface area, and volume. With the additional information, physicians are better able to determine whether or not a lumpectomy or mastectomy should be performed.