BRIT lands $8.6 million PACS contract for multi-site installs
BRIT Systems has been awarded a 5-year, $8.6 million contract by the Veterans Administration to provide a PACS to all the medical centers in their VISN 20 region, located in the Northwestern United States.

The PACS will be implemented in the following VAMC facilities: Portland, Ore; White City, Ore; Roseburg, Ore; Seattle, Wash; Tacoma, Wash; Spokane, Wash; Walla Walla, Wash; Boise, Idaho and Anchorage, Alaska.  

A central archive located in Vancouver, Wash. provides a central repository of all of the VISN's imaging studies and also acts as a business continuity and disaster recovery solution for all sites, BRIT said. Each site has their own fully functional BRIT's Roentgen Files which provides a DICOM server, DICOM archive, web server, HL-7 Interface Engine and modality worklist server. BRIT's Radiology Workbench primary diagnostic viewer will be integrated with local dictation systems and 3D workstations.

The Roentgen Burner installed at each site provides the ability to place medical images and a viewer on a CD so a patient can bring their studies to an outside facility. The contract includes migration services for existing reports and studies.  

Installation of all sites is estimated to take one year, Brit said.