California hospital installs second Toshiba 16-slice CT scanner
Toshiba America Medical Systems Inc. (TAMS) has installed its second Aquilion 16 multislice computed tomography (CT) scanner at the Long Beach Memorial Medical Center in California.

Toshiba's Aquilion 16 delivers a full array of diagnostic and interventional imaging capabilities. The selectable slice-thickness multirow detector (SSMD) allows up to seven varying image slice thicknesses, from 0.5-mm to 8-mm, which can be selected based on the objectives of the examination, said Toshiba. The Aquilion 16 generates up to 40 slices per second using the SSMD and permits simultaneous 16-slice acquisition per 400-millisecond gantry rotation for volumetric data acquisition.

The Aquilion 16 also features Toshiba's proprietary T-COT reconstruction technique that helps to eliminate artifacts and provide physicians with the most precise images possible. In addition, Toshiba said the system offers a 1.8 meter couch designed with the highest scan range to accommodate patients of all sizes, produce faster scans and provides superior image quality.