California radiologist surrenders license over alleged drug abuse

A radiologist based in San Luis Obispo, Calif. has surrendered his license for allegations of drug abuse that date back to 2010.

Richard Alan Berg admitted to writing prescriptions for controlled substances to his friends and family for personal use, according to 2010 court documents referenced by KSBY 6. Berg also admitted that in 2016 his drug use led to the misdiagnosis of a patient.

The California Medical Board investigated Berg in 2017 after learning of his drug history. At that point in time he was ordered to undergo treatment and monthly drug testing. In May 2017, his license was temporarily suspended until February 2019.

“He was issued a cease practice order in May of 2019 because he didn’t comply with the terms of his probation,” said Carlos Villatoro, California Medical Board Information Officer.

Court documents revealed Berg refused to take a drug test, the following month he surrendered his license, reported KSBY 9. The news outlet also included part of a statement released by Berg.

“… issues with the medical board were strictly of a personal nature. No patients were ever harmed, and my malpractice record was stellar during the course of my successful 30 year medical career. I decided that at age 65 it was time to retire.”

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