New children’s book depicts value of pediatric imaging

Children’s books typically involve lessons on sharing and growing up—but a new tale from healthcare education company Viewbox Holdings aims to teach young kids about CT scans. 

The book, "Learning about X-rays with Lula and Ethan," is focused on a child who must undergo a head CT at the hospital after suffering a playground injury, according to a news release.

Written for children ages 7 and older, the book is designed to help stimulate discussion between kids and parents about the value of a CT scan and potential concerns over radiation exposure.

Luther Adair II, MD, the lead author, is a board-certified, subspecialty trained radiologist trained in the diagnosis of abdominal and genitourinary illnesses, according to the book’s website.

According to a 2013 survey, Viewbox found nearly 47 percent of physicians used their mobile device to view teaching cases, so this newly published second edition is available as a free e-book download on iTunes book.

The update features a two-minute survey that will provide the authors feedback regarding the book’s ability to teach pediatric imaging to those with no medical background.