CMS Broadband installed at OnCURE Medical Corp.
CMS, a provider in radiation treatment planning products, has announced that CMS Broadband system has been installed at OnCURE Medical Corp., which has treatment centers in both California and Florida. The organization chose the system for a transition from a collection of isolated facilities to an integrated network of clinics with the following specific benefits:
  • Load balancing - distributing the workload across clinics. CMS Broadband allows all active clinicians to access work continuously across the OnCURE network.  
  • Resource sharing - sharing the software/hardware and human resources fairly and equally.
  • Knowledge transfer - consistency and Quality Assurance.  CMS Broadband connects the staff to the workstations so they can see, firsthand, the optimal planning and review techniques available to them.
OnCURE bases their physics staff in core facilities such as Jacksonville, Fla. which support local networks of clinics in each region.