Digital pathology: Is it if or when?

While digital pathology holds great promise, it still faces great challenges, according to a new study published Oct. 1 from Signify Research. But it is a matter of when, noted Steve Holloway, principal analyst at Signify Research, in a blog commenting on the report.

“It [digital pathology] remains a long way behind many other clinical departments in its adoption of technology,” Holloway wrote. “While some progress has been made in addressing many of the issues and complexities associated with pathological services, further progress still is needed for market growth to match the marketing hype."

With just five percent of pathology sites across the globe digitizing their workflow, the specialty is ripe for digitalization. Yet, changing the way pathologists practice, earning their trust in new and largely untested technology except for a few regions and changing their daily workflow brings a steep learning curve.

"With healthcare provision evolving towards value-based, multidisciplinary care, focus on operational efficiency will intensify focus on pathology digitalization, though more established models of implementation are still needed," noted Holloway. "Moreover, growing use of analytics and machine learning in other segments should further spur a transition to digital pathology.”

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