First install of Kodak PACS with integrated Viatronix' virtual colonoscopy module
Eastman Kodak Company and Viatronix, Inc. announced the first installation of Viatronix's virtual colonoscopy software with Kodak's PACS platform at Borg Imaging Group, one of the largest chains of diagnostic imaging centers in the Rochester, N.Y. area, according to the companies.

Viatronix's V3D-Colon software operates by taking images of the patient's abdomen and pelvis area using a CT scan while the colon is inflated, and then a 3D model is automatically generated. The physician can then sit at a Kodak DIRECTVIEW diagnostic workstation and interactively examine the colon for polyps and lesions by virtually navigating through a dynamic 3D representation that is similar to what is seen in a traditional optical exam.

Kodak is offering the V3D-Colon software worldwide as both an optional enhancement to its DIRECTVIEW PACS System 5 or as a separate dedicated workstation.

The agreement between the companies was announced in early June.