GE Healthcare reaches 500th global installation of LightSpeed VCT
Within a five-month span, GE Healthcare sped from the 100th global installation of its volume computed tomography system, the LightSpeed VCT in June of this year to the 500th shipment of the next generation of that system slated to be installed at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.
The LightSpeed VCT enables physicians to capture images of the heart and coronary arteries over five heartbeats.  In a single rotation, this multislice CT system creates 64 sub millimeter images and covers 40 millimeters of a patient's anatomical structures. The rapidly acquired images can then be post-processed into three-dimensional views for physicians to use in diagnostic analysis.
"At the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, we are very excited to be implementing this technology," said Scott A. Mirowitz, MD, professor and chairman of the Department of Radiology, in a release. "We expect that it will make major contributions to the development of new imaging capabilities both for the cardiovascular system and beyond."