HeartLab wins Encompass installs
San Francisco's California Pacific Medical Center's (CPMC) Kanbar Cardiac Center and the Methodist Heart, Lung and Vascular Institute of Methodist Medical Center of Illinois have selected HeartLab's Encompass Cardiac Network to archive and manage digital cardiac images and data.

According to HeartLab, the Encompass deployment at Kanbar will be completed in multiple phases, beginning this fall with the installation of an integrated image archive for the cath lab and echo labs. Physicians will be able to access the information and images in the database from network-connected workstations located throughout the hospital.

Kanbar is also installing Encompass Web, which provides secure access to patient images and information from any internet-connected computer. In addition, Kanbar will expand the reporting capabilities of its echo lab by deploying Heartlab's results management software.

Physicians at CPMS already perform more than 2,000 cardiac cath and 6,500 echo procedures annually. The hospital expects procedure volume to increase with the September opening of Kanbar Center's three cardiac cath labs and eight echo labs.

At Methodist, a 330-bed tertiary care hospital, physicians annually perform approximately 3,400 echocardiograms, 4,800 noninvasive procedures and invasive cardiac/vascular catheterizations. HeartLab's Encompass will provide Methodist with an integrated database for patient data form three cardiac cath labs, five nuclear cardiology labs, three echo labs, two vascular labs, one endovascular suite and two open heart surgery suites.

According to HeartLab, the installation at Methodist includes the Encompass DVD-R archive, review stations, results management and Encompass Web. The Encompass deployment will be completed in multiple phases, beginning in October with the installation of non-invasive echo, vascular and open heart surgery, which will be completed in December. Cardiac cath labs and inventory management will be completed by the end of 2005.

The Encompass system at Methodist will eventually interface with the hospital's PACS, enabling physicians to review radiology and cardiology images from the same workstation.