Imaging center in California installs Toshiba's Vantage
Toshiba America Medical Systems' Vantage, the company's ultra short-bore 1.5-tesla (1.5T) high-field magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system, has been installed at Health Scan Imaging in Murrieta, Calif.
The Vantage is designed to provide a more comfortable MRI exam with its ultra short-bore, open design and patented Pianissimo noise reduction technology. The system also offers the clinical capabilities of a high-field MRI, Toshiba said.

The MRI system is capable of performing a large variety of MRI exams including the state-of-the-art imaging techniques including wide-ranging studies such as brain and cardiac imaging, magnetic resonance angiography (MRA), as well as advanced chest and abdominal applications.

"From a physician's perspective, the larger number of sequences and extraordinary high-quality images captured per unit time with the Vantage allows for high-end applications, such as high-resolution imaging, MRA and off-center field-of-view skeletal imaging," said Bill Kelly, MD, founder and medical director, Health Scan Imaging. "Image quality for neurological applications also has been consistently excellent."

"Achieving reliable, consistent fat saturation" is easily possible with the system, adds Kelly. "The specification that ensures this directly is the Vantage's improved homogeneity using a unique primary shim system that delivers less than 2 ppm homogeneity."