Kodak, University of Rochester join in 4-year R&D partnership
The University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC) and Eastman Kodak Company this week unveiled a four-year R&D partnership along with plans to bring the medical facility up to speed with Kodak's next-generation of digital healthcare products and innovations.

According to Kodak, the R&D agreement will focus on innovations in digital medical imaging and healthcare information technology (HCIT). The second part is a purchase agreement under which URMC will acquire advanced digital medical imaging and HCIT systems from Kodak's Health Imaging Group to support URMC's growing demand for radiology services.

Kodak said it will upgrade URMC's current Kodak PACS to its newest PACS System 5, and will integrate it with URMC's existing healthcare information systems.

URMC said it will extend the functionalities of the PACS outside radiology to departments such as laboratory and cardiology.