Lancaster General implements PeriOptimum and Radianse
Caregivers at Lancaster (Pa.) General Hospital's Orthopedic Center are using Radianse active-RFID (radio frequency identification) location technology integrated with PeriOptimum's PathFinder to improve patient throughput and optimize capacity.
PeriOptimum's software collects patient, equipment and process-tracking data across perioperative care, then distributes the information via a hospital's intranet or the Internet and stores it for analysis.
With RFID-location technology, patients are assigned an active RFID-location tag upon arrival that identifies where they are in real-time and their surgical status as they move through the perioperative process. The PeriOptimum/Radianse system replaces an old manual-data-entry system with one that automatically enters the patient data into the network for quick access by caregivers and administrators.