Lawsuit: Former Colorado neurologist purposely misdiagnosed 20+ patients with MS

A former Colorado neurologist is being sued for malpractice and fraud after allegedly purposely falsely interpreting MRIs and misdiagnosing more than two dozen patients in Colorado and Florida with multiple sclerosis (MS), according to an article published May 7 by Summit Daily in Summit County, Colorado.     

Gary Weiss, MD, had practiced medicine in Vail, Colorado, until 2014 when the Colorado Medical Board permanently inactivated his medical license and barred him from reapplying after having multiple malpractice and fraud allegations against him. 

Yet shortly after, he had already set up practice in Florida, where he continues to practice. 

Weiss's alleged malpractice began in 2011 when a patient he was treating for late-stage MS developed a brain infection and died due to poor surveillance, according to the article. He was sued by five of his former patients in Colorado in 2016, who accused him of knowingly misdiagnosing them with MS and profiting off prescriptions and routine MRI scans. 

Two of Weiss's patients in Florida are now suing him for similar behavior. The lawsuits against Weiss allege he used an underpowered MRI machine to look for signs of MS and failed to consult a radiologist to interpret scans, according the article.  

"In a sworn statement, one neuroradiologist who reviewed 15 of Weiss's cases was unequivocal, saying it was 'clear' that 'none of these patients ever met the diagnostic criteria based upon their imaging studies to have a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis,'" according to the article. 

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