New generic drug company named after Mark Cuban first founded by a part-time radiologist

Mark Cuban’s name may be singularly attached to a new, highly publicized generic drug company, but its founder is a doctor and PhD who also works weekends as a radiologist.

The Dallas-based startup known as Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company provides low-cost versions of expensive generic drugs while maintaining “radical” transparency on its pricing methods, the Dallas Morning News reported Tuesday.

Long before its recent launch, however, the company was called Osh’s Affordable Pharmaceuticals after its founder and CEO Alex Oshmyansky, MD, who works as a part-time radiologist at Vision Radiology in Dallas.

Cuban had been an early investor, receiving weekly email updates on the startup. But about a year ago, the Dallas Mavericks owner offered to get more involved and attach his own name to the company. Oshmyansky was all in. 

The pharmaceutical specialists’ first drug is a generic treatment for hookworm called albendazole, which will cost about $20 per pill instead of $225. And they plan to produce more than 100 others by the end of the year, according to the Morning News.

“It feels hyperbolic to say, but people are dying because of the pricing of drugs in the U.S.,” Oshmyansky told the news outlet. “These are not complicated medicines.”

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