Massachusetts patient suffers facial fracture after ‘freak accident’ during MRI

A patient at Lowell General Hospital’s Saints Campus in Massachusetts suffered a fractured facial bone after a hamper containing metal flew across the room during the man’s MRI procedure, the Lowell Sun reported.

Prior to the test, an MRI technologist from Shield Health Care Group mistakenly brought a linen hamper containing metal into the room. The hamper containing metal and an MRI-safe receptacle are marked as such, but the technologist did not notice the mix-up until after the incident, according to the Sun.

Once the man laid down for the scan, the magnet attracted the hamper, which struck him in the side of the head, causing a fracture in the orbital bone near the eyebrow.

The technologist has since been disciplined, and Shields is reviewing safety protocols with their employees. No legal action has been taken as of yet, the Sun reported.

"This is completely outside the norm for us because both organizations embrace rigorous safety training and education for staff,” said Stephen T. Sweriduk, medical director for Shields. “We have already met with staff to review best practices and ensure that we are doing everything possible to continue to foster a culture of safety across all of our clinical areas."

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