MedAssets HSCA awards pacts to Voxar and TeraRecon
Group purchasing organization (GPO) MedAssets HSCA has signed three-year supply deals with Voxar Inc. and TeraRecon.

 Voxar's 3D software is designed for 3D imaging on a PC, laptop or picture archiving and communications system (PACS). It enables image distribution and post processing on multiple machines across the hospital DICOM network.

 "Voxar 3-D fits well within our acute care and imaging center membership. The Voxar product line will complement and enhance other radiology products offered within MedAssets's portfolio," said Jerry Allen, director of radiology at MedAssets.

 Concurrent with the agreement that began the first of October, TeraRecon will supply 3D imaging products, including diagnostic 3D workstations and 3D imaging servers to the group purchasing organization (GPO).

 The San Mateo, Calif.-based TeraRecon said the 3D imaging products have been previously bundled within broad categories for CT and MRI scanners. This new contract recognizes that 3D imaging products have emerged as a strategic area of importance for hospital radiology and other imaging departments.