MercuryMD selected for North Carolina health biosurveillance system
With bird flu on so many minds these days, you'll be glad to know that the North Carolina Hospital Emergency Surveillance System (NCHESS) - the nation's first statewide, hospital-based, clinical data biosurveillance system for detecting public health threats and disease outbreaks - has been activated. MercuryMD, a software provider company focused on developing mobility tools for hospitals and physicians, announces its participation in the in the initiative.

NCHESS uses MercuryMD's MData CareFocus and MData Desktop software, along with a monitoring web portal, which is built on a unique, event-driven architecture to monitor patient data across the state. MData CareFocus is an automated system which identifies patient systems seen as clinical triggers for reportable diseases. While the MData Desktop is constructed to help epidemiologists to investigate health threats that have been identified by MData CareFocus, the company said.