Potential layoffs threaten radiologists at Florida hospital

Leadership at St. Mary Medical Center is threatening to eliminate contracts the hospital has with certain physician groups, including its radiology department, as a result of a long-brewing feud between physicians and administrators at the Long Beach, Florida institution, according to letters obtained by the Long Beach Post.

The Post reports physician leaders sent a letter to the hospital’s entire medical staff claiming they had been cut out of crucial patient care decisions. In retaliation, physicians say the hospital has put out request for proposals to replace anesthesiology specialists and have already added a new group of radiologists who are working alongside current staff members.

“There’s a trust and a history I have with my radiologist and anesthesiologist that comes from years of working together,” said Chief of Staff Douglas McFarland, MD, to the Long Beach Post. “We trust each other.”

Carolyn Caldwell, CEO of St. Mary, put out a prepared statement following the physician-sent letter saying, “the hospital is committed to working with its medical staff, and is in compliance with all of the regulatory requirements that assure that the medical staff is a valued partner in the review of all medical services contracted by the hospital,” the Post reported.

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