Radiologic technologist utilizes painting skills to illustrate frontline workers battling the pandemic

A radiologic technologist at Franciscan Health in Lafayette, Indiana, is using her 20 years of experience as a painter to create pictures of fellow frontline healthcare workers battling against COVID-19.

The story comes from, a CBS television affiliate based in Lafayette, which spoke with Lizzy Rainey about why she made the switch from capturing landscapes inspired by x-ray images to painting co-workers. 

“They were fighting to do the job well, even though the conditions had become rough,” Rainey told the news outlet. “I focused on the eyes in several paintings. I wanted to display that hope is in the eyes.”

Her pictures are used to tell the stories of her peers and she plans to continue throughout the pandemic, according to the Aug. 21 report.

Read below to hear more and see Rainey’s work.