Retired radiologist chose the specialty thinking it ‘would be easier for the female’

A U.S. radiologist with a long, distinguished career that launched after a remarkable move from Korea has caught the eye of the National Public Radio affiliate in Buffalo, New York.

Janet Sung, MD, tells station WBFO how she and her husband came to America in 1972 with only $200—and a sense of determination that ended up building a practice that is today a mainstay of Upstate New York.  

Sung no longer owns the practice, five-site Windsong Radiology—No. 95 on the 2018 Radiology 100—but she stays involved and her story remains inspiring.

Asked by the reporter why she chose radiology upon earning her medical degree, Sung says she thought the specialty “would be easier for the female. … [W]hen I told my mom I’m going into radiology, she was upset. And, of course, I thought radiology would be easier for families but later found out it wasn’t true. But if I were to start all over, I would still choose radiology.”

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