21% of radiologists say fear of being sued is their top work-related challenge

About 21% of radiologists say the most challenging aspect of their job is worrying about being sued, much higher than numbers reported by physicians overall, according to new data published Friday.

Medscape surveyed some 700 imaging providers as part of their annual compensation report which included 17,000-plus total physicians working across 29 specialties.

Radiologists also cited long work hours (20%), operating under numerous rules and regulations (19%), and reimbursement challenges (15%) as top difficulties during their workday.

And despite these obstacles, including those brought on by the pandemic, most physicians find enjoyment in their work, Medscape reported. This was true for 43% of radiologists, who said “being very good at what I do/finding diagnoses” was the most rewarding part of their job. Only 4% said there were no redeeming qualities.

Even with nearly half of rads surveyed reporting income declines in 2020—mainly due to COVID-19—an overwhelming majority (74%) said they would go back into medicine if faced with the choice. And 93% would re-enter the specialty.

“Despite the shock, safety issues, stress, and grief wrought by the pandemic, this is about the same response as in the prior year,” Medscape said May 14. 

Read more insights from the 2021 Medscape Radiologist Compensation Report here, including a breakdown of salaries within the specialty here.

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