launches RadInfo4 Kids page recently launched RadInfo 4 Kids, an area of the website with videos, games and activities to help ease young patient’s fears of imaging exams.

Developed by RSNA, American College of Radiology (ACR) Public Information Website Committee and Patient Advocate Advisory Network, the new site allows kids to hear about radiology experiences from other kids.

One such experience, a video called “The Basketball Game: An MRI Story,” features someone reading a self-illustrated picture book that takes viewers through the MRI she underwent after falling on her hip during a basketball game.

"We thought it would be unique to let children who have had imaging exams speak for themselves about what they experienced," Cynthia Rigsby, MD, and co-chair of the RSNA-ACR Public Information Website Committee, said in a prepared statement. "When children hear other children talking about medical procedures, it can alleviate some of their fear."

Also included on the site are “Rad Games and Activities” such as word searches, word scrambles, mazes and coloring sheets with commonly used imaging equipment.

RadInfo 4 Kids is currently accepting stories for their site. Visit the RadInfo 4 Kids page or email