Siemens installs magnetic navigation and biplane imaging at The Cleveland Clinic
The Cleveland Clinic has become the first facility to install the AXIOM Artis dBC Magnetic Navigation System from Siemens Medical Solutions, the world's first biplane magnetic navigation system. The biplane configuration enables clinicians at The Cleveland Clinic to use the system as either a biplane angiography C-arm system or as a magnetic navigation system. It also allows clinicians to save time by allowing them to perform procedures that they previously were not able to complete on one system.

The AXIOM Artis dBC Magnetic Navigation System integrates Siemens' most advanced digital fluoroscopic imaging system, the AXIOM Artis flat-panel detector system, with Stereotaxis Inc.'s NIOBE Magnetic Navigation System, to direct and digitally control catheter- and guidewire-based devices along complex paths within the heart and coronary vasculature. Computer-controlled permanent magnets external to the body for orienting the magnetic tip of specially designed catheters and guidewires, allows for 360-degree rotation of the catheter for greater precision and better movement.