South Georgia hospital combines surgery, imaging with new hybrid OR

Dasher Heart Center at South Georgia Medical Center (SGMC) in Valdosta opened a new state-of-the-art operating room combining top surgical care with advanced medical imaging, the Valdosta Daily Times reports.

“Hybrid operating rooms combine the most advanced operating room and medical imaging technology,” said Maurice Solis, MD at SGMC to the Times. “The room will be especially helpful in treating patients with complex aneurysms, circulatory issues in the lower extremities and carotid artery disease—situations where expert imaging is beneficial.”

This is the first hybrid operating room in South Georgia, the Times reports.

A C-arm robot image intensifier drives itself to the procedure table when endovascular imaging is required, and parks itself again when not needed. The operating room also houses advanced video transmission equipment capable of live-case presentation to teach physicians, nurses and students.

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