State board suspends doctor’s license following accusations of misreading mammograms

The doctor and owner of a Richmond, Virginia breast care center had his medical license suspended last week after state health officials found he misread 18 mammograms.

The Virginia Board of Medicine labeled Michael Bigg, “incompetent to practice medicine and surgery” in its  61-page report issued May 20. Bigg, who owns Allison Breast Center in Richmond, wrongly interpreted mammograms, telling some women they were cancer-free when they, in fact, did have the disease.

One woman filed a civil complaint against Bigg last year alleging he misread her mammograms and ultrasounds for four years before her primary doctor ordered a scan at Henrico Doctors’ Hospital in Richmond. That mammogram turned out to reveal stage four cancer that had spread throughout her body. Marian Kay Smith died of the disease last month, according to Richmond 6 News.

That news outlet also reports that Bigg denies Smith's claims, and said he did not “breach the standard of care” and did not “proximately cause” her alleged injuries.

The Virginia Board of Medicine has set a hearing for next month over the license suspension.