TeraMedica Evercore installed at Texas cancer center
TeraMedica Healthcare Technology recently announced that the University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston plans to install the company's Evercore Oncology Information Manager integrated with IMPAC Medical Systems, Multi-ACCESS electronic medical record (EMR). The systems will be in use at the central hospital's radiation therapy clinics, its satellite facilities, and its new Proton Therapy Center, which is set to open in 2006, according to TeraMedica.

Evercore is designed to integrate and manage all radiation oncology and radiation therapy (RT) DICOM information objects. This functionality will help M. D. Anderson bring together information from multiple operating systems and, with access through the IMPAC EMR, will be used as the cancer center's central DICOM data repository and image management system.

"We have a lot of disparate systems in our radiation therapy department and they each interpret DICOM information differently," said Mitchell Latinkic, a Division Administrator for Radiation Oncology with M. D. Anderson. "We needed a program that would solve the data storage and transfer problems we face in the radiation oncology realm."

Evercore performs the management and storage of clinical image and associated information within the IMPAC application. The user engages these functionalities from within the Multi-ACCESS environment and is able to access information and perform these tasks within the context of whichever patient record happens to be selected.

In choosing Evercore, M. D. Anderson's criteria included that the product be able to handle all standards of DICOM and DICOM RT and that it be compatible with the DICOM-RT-ION, which is still in draft format.