WholeSecurity deploys Confidence Online
Two North Carolina-based healthcare providers, Novant Health in Winston-Salem and Wake Radiology in Raleigh, have awarded WholeSecurity a contract for installation of its Confidence Online software to protect thousands of endpoint PCs.  
With Confidence Online, healthcare organizations can safeguard all PCs on the network, including those that they do not own or manage, from malicious spyware and worms, the company said.
Healthcare organizations are rapidly adopting remote access technologies, such as SSL VPNs and other on-demand infrastructure solutions, to provide doctors, hospital employees, and partner organizations with anytime, anywhere access to information.  Ensuring a high level of security in these environments can be a challenge since SSL VPNs allow users to access the network using any computer, WholeSecurity said. As a result, PCs logging into the network may or may not be properly secured, as oftentimes the healthcare organization has little or no control over these machines.
Confidence Online can be deployed in an always-on mode to PCs in the LAN or in an on-demand mode for systems logging in through SSL VPNs, Web mail, or Internet-enabled application technologies. Integrated with offerings from remote access technology vendors, Confidence Online downloads and scans endpoint PCs in seconds.