Windber Research Institute chooses Teradata storage technology
Biomedical research facility Windber Research Institute (WRI) has tapped Teradata to create a central data warehouse for the storage of molecular and clinical information, which will be used to help find the cause of breast and other forms of cancer.

 WRI is assembling data from several sources, including GenBank (DNA sequences for further analysis), PubMed (scientific literature), SWISS-PROT (protein information for further analysis), and DIP (protein-protein interactions), which are then linked to WRI's own molecular (DNA, RNA, protein) and clinical data.

 WRI said it chose the division of NCR Corp., because it can integrate data from multiple sources simultaneously. Teradata technology will enable Windber to store, retrieve, analyze and manage the massive amount of data generated at the DNA, RNA and protein levels by using large-scale biology technologies.