The retail giant's first Arkansas location opened this month, along with a new location in Loganville, Georgia.

More than 140 chief residents representing 99 programs responded to the Association of Academic Chief Residents in Radiology annual survey, which first launched in 1971.

“Black lives matter. The need to speak out against racism, racial injustice and inherent bias compels each of us as leaders in our community to act,” Founder and CEO Greg Piefer said in a recent message to employees.

One of the radiologist's former patients said she wants her medical records so that another doctor can assess them, but the office is closed and she “can’t get in touch with anyone," according to a published report. 

Half of all imaging experts involved in the study reported symptoms such as irritated eyes, ocular fatigue, and headaches, among many other discomforts.

Patients who underwent chest radiography as part of their annual health visit were more likely to go to an additional outpatient pulmonology visit or receive an abdominal or thoracic CT scan.

A number of IT systems failures and a radiology report below the standard of care contributed to the man’s passing.

The drop in imaging volumes has disrupted these key educational experiences, but New York University School of Medicine docs have replicated traditional side-by-side collaborations with great success.

These radiology resident-led interactions improve patient care, image ordering and relationships with other providers, experts wrote recently in Current Problems in Diagnostic Radiology.

"The unjust treatment of people of color must stop," the Radiological Society of North America said in a recent tweet. 

The Virginia Board of Medicine labeled Michael Bigg “incompetent to practice medicine and surgery" in its 61-page report issued earlier this month.

Much of the drop is due to radiologists forgoing abdominal radiography, gastrointestinal fluoroscopy, and nuclear imaging, experts reported Tuesday.