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Siemens Healthineers announced Wednesday, April 4, that the FDA has cleared its 128-slice SOMATOM Edge Plus CT system.
Jan 29, 2018 | Technology Management
Any parent understands the challenge of keeping a kid still, especially when it's absolutely necessary. For a child undergoing an MRI, it's vital to be still for an extended period of time. Women's and Children's Hospital in Lafayette, Louisiana, has found success using goggles that play movies and TV shows for patients undergoing MRI.
Oct 31, 2017 | Technology Management
A new era of high-performance and mobile medical imaging has just begun. What's to credit this milestone in medical imaging technology? It happens to be no bigger than the size of your pocket.
Oct 12, 2017 | Technology Management
Bacteria are experts at mutating to become resistant to any antibiotic treatment. With no promise of stagnation, it is no wonder that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has called for medical scientists to develop new novel diagnostics to detect and help regulate the treatment of infections and infectious diseases.
Aug 04, 2017 | Technology Management
The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Siemens Healthineers issued an advisory that four of the company’s diagnostic imaging systems may be vulnerable to cyberattacks.
Jul 17, 2017 | Technology Management
Pure Storage is a data storage company based out of Mountain View, Calif., that specializes in cloud-based, analytics-focused solutions such as FlashBlade, which offers companies petabytes of capacity with no caching or tiering.
May 24, 2017 | Technology Management
It’s been 50 years since “Fantastic Voyage” hit movie theaters as a marvel of science fiction—at least it was in 1966. While the flick was visually stunning, current work in the field of microrobotics is being stymied by available imaging techniques.
Apr 04, 2017 | Technology Management
ImageMoverMD, a Middleton, Wisconsin-based imaging software company, is making it easier to transfer medical images all in the palm of your hand.
Mar 22, 2017 | Technology Management
The Brookfield Zoo, located just outside of Chicago, uses one of the world’s largest CT scanners to diagnose and treat a wide variety of conditions across the 3,500 animals living at the zoo. The CT scanner was a donation from a local hospital and is capable of imaging animals up to 660 pounds, including fully-grown gorillas, tigers and dolphins.
Mar 22, 2017 | Technology Management
Diagnosing and monitoring prostate cancer requires patients undergo invasive biopsies. Researchers from Washington State University are changing how physicians do such actions with the development of a new non-invasive, filter-like device. 
Mar 20, 2017 | Technology Management
Georgetown University Medical Center found that the drug nilotinib, approved to treat a form of leukemia, appeared to help a small group of people with Parkinson’s disease and a related form of dementia.
Feb 27, 2017 | Technology Management
A new x-ray machine in a Colorado Springs clinic is making it easier for patients to get treated for cleft palate conditions in a single location.
Feb 22, 2017 | Technology Management
The world’s largest dose index is being put to work for the benefit of physicians and patients everywhere in the form of national dose guidelines for the most common CT exams preformed in the U.S.
Feb 07, 2017 | Technology Management
As technology continues to become smaller, faster and smarter, a group of South Korean researchers have developed a new MRI method that uses a new contrasting agent to produce focused images.
Nov 14, 2016 | Technology Management
A 3D printing lab in the radiology department can bring a wide range of benefits, including improved surgical preparation, trainee education and inter-departmental collaboration. While it requires a significant financial investment, Mayo Clinic Radiology Chair Kent R. Thielen, MD, believes that the perks far outweigh the price tag.
Oct 17, 2016 | Technology Management
Whether we like it or not, the digital age is here. Smartphones are everywhere, the internet is king and social media is being used as a tool for ... well, just about everything imaginable. According to a recent study published by the Journal of the American College of Radiology, there’s a new way radiology is using the digital age to its advantage: educating patients through informative online videos. 
Oct 12, 2016 | Technology Management
Health technology company Tempus is partnering with the University of Michigan’s cancer center to bring a new type of personalized treatment for cancer patients to the market.
Oct 11, 2016 | Technology Management
Halloween might be a tad spookier for radiology departments this fall, as the supply of a commonly-used isotope may be restricted in the U.S. when a Canadian reactor ceases production on Oct. 31st. While organizations like the Nuclear Science Advisory Committee have been planning for this closing for years, it held a crucial meeting on the status of molybdenum-99 supply in late September. 
Jul 25, 2016 | Technology Management
After more than two years of ground-up development on a brand new system, Konica Minolta is officially lifting back the curtain to reveal its latest Digital Radiography (DR) system at the AHRA 2016 Annual Meeting in Nashville, Tenn.
Mar 02, 2016 | Technology Management
COCIR, a European trade association for the medical imaging, health IT and electromedical industries, has released a poster showing Europe’s medical imaging equipment is in desperate need of being replaced. The poster, which can be viewed online, was first displayed at the European Congress of Radiology.
Feb 09, 2016 | Technology Management
Western music and Russian music produced by defectors was banned in the USSR, so how did music fans actually hear such recordings at the time? They’d listen to music that was placed on x-rays, of course!