Intelerad announces expansion of cloud-based imaging solution suite

Intelerad Medical Systems ™, based in Montreal, Canada, has announced today the expansion of its cloud-based solution suite that now offers a complete cloud-based imaging platform to the medical imaging community, according to an Intelerad press release.  

A leader in diagnostic views and collaboration solutions for hospitals and imaging centers, Intelerad's latest expansion includes "an Imaging Infastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)".  

The company's newest innovative platform will allow Intelerad clients to offload IT management and will be fully in charge of managing services, specifically in designing and maintaining on-site hardware, storage infrastructure, and overall security.  

“With this latest offering, we are truly taking our cloud imaging platform to the next level - going beyond cloud-based storage and disaster recovery solutions to provide fully-hosted infrastructure and associated services,” said Christian Bazinet, Chief Operating Officer of Intelerad, in a statement. “In addition, we are expanding the availability of our managed services beyond U.S. borders, into all the regions we currently serve.”  

See the official press release here.