Is radiology ready for virtual reality?

Modern healthcare is about to enter a new era in which doctors can not only view 3D models using images from MRI, ultrasound and other modalities, but they can actually reach out and “touch” those images, tour patients’ anatomical structures and perform mock operations using virtual reality technology.

This according to an article recently published online in the Wall Street Journal highlighting the rapid advancement of virtual reality capabilities and the growing technology’s potential impact on healthcare.

“[Virtual reality] gives a very immersive way of looking at all this data,” Sandeep Gupta, of GE Global Research, told the WSJ. “Doctors may be able to see which brain regions are affected by a neurodegenerative disease, for example, or which neural pathways information and signals are flowing through.”

The biggest hurdle to unlocking the future possibilities of medical virtual reality, however, could be the doctors themselves, who have been slow to embrace the emerging technology.

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