X-ray vision: Coming soon to a smartphone near you

You don’t need to be Superman to have X-ray vision these days, according to the makers of Walabot, a handheld 3D-imaging device that plugs into Android smartphones.

The product is based on the parent technology Vayyar, which was originally designed for mobile breast cancer screening, but the company believes the product has unlimited potential for use in other areas of everyday life.

“Looking into skin tissue is difficult,” Vayyar marketing director Malcolm Berman told tech website Digital Trends. “If you can see through that, then you can see through many other things.”

The device uses radio frequency technology—the same technique used in Wi-Fi, mobile networks and radar systems—to create 3D images of the internal structures of walls, objects and other materials.

“We can see through objects and see into objects,” Berman said. “This could enable you to check alcohol percent in vodka or fat level in milk, it can also detect speed, track targets, and see where people are moving. You can look inside walls and see the foundation of buildings. You could use it to check how much water is in soil and avoid over-watering crops. It could enhance robotic vision, enabling drones or robots to sense their environment.”

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