Mayo Clinic researchers have found a correlation between neuroimaging biomarkers of Alzheimer’s disease and results from a literal smell test: If at-risk older folks are losing their sense of smell, they’re more likely to be developing the disease than their well-smelling peers. 

No specialty in medicine serves more Medicare beneficiaries than radiology—and this distinction opens all sorts of opportunities to “engage patients and better brand the specialty.”

Along with confirming CT as a fast and relatively low-radiation means of guiding epidural steroid injections for pain relief in the spine, researchers in New York City have shown CT guidance similarly safe and speedy for other back-pain interventions like injections to nerve roots and facet joints. 

Women undergoing percutaneous breast biopsy experience less pain and discomfort when the procedure is guided by ultrasound than by stereotactic mammography with vacuum assistance, according to a Canadian study published online May 22 in European Radiology.

The emerging imaging technology called quantitative transmission (QT) ultrasound has shown its utility as an aid in distinguishing cysts from solid lesions in the breast, according to a study published online May 23 in Academic Radiology.