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Single-screening MRI can detect recurring breast cancer missed by ultrasound and mammography, suggests a study published in the August issue of Radiology.

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Automatically extracting region of interest (ROI) values from a PACS viewer can be easily and accurately achieved with a module based on open-source software, and vendors should include such functionality in future versions of their PACS, according to a group of Korean researchers.

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Several thousands of people were polled to see what they thought about neurological disorders. Not only did three out of four participants across 10 countries say that they would rather know if they had a disorder regardless of a cure available, but 94 percent said governments or insurers should foot the bill, according to the survey conducted by Millward Brown and announced today by survey sponsor GE Healthcare.

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A Norwegian study of screening with one-time flexible sigmoidoscopy demonstrated a drop in the colorectal cancer incidence rate by 20 percent and the death rate by 27 percent.

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Skyrocketing use of MRI for knee and shoulder pain often ignores guidelines and adds millions of dollars to medical costs, according to a study published July 30 in the Journal of the American College of Radiology.