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Sarah Sipek
 - Women Rads

In an effort to empower female radiologists to take a commanding role in the field, RSNA presented a session entitled, “Women in Leadership,” at this year’s conference. 

 - David Fessell

Though radiologists spend a majority of their time interpreting images behind a computer screen, proper communication with both referring physicians and patients still plays a significant role in providing the best care possible.

The European College of Cardiology compared non-invasive coronary artery procedures to determine which approach is best. 

“Athlete’s heart” is a documented phenomenon in which the hearts of endurance athletes become enlarged in response to high levels of exercise. Aware of the condition, physicians are careful not to misdiagnose athletes with heart disease, which is a potential cause of an enlarged heart.

 - heart regenerators

University of Houston researchers are developing strategies to help regenerate heart muscle cell formation.