Brit introduces critical results tool at AHRA
Brit Systems unveiled UrgentWorks, a Web-based application that supports flagging of urgent findings, test results and emergency room discordance by reporting clinicians, and the communication and on-going tracking of results to the ordering physician, at the 2009 Association for Medical Imaging Management (AHRA) meeting this week in Las Vegas.

Reporting clinicians can use UrgentWorks to communicate their findings in accordance with American College of Radiology (ACR) guidelines and Joint Commission initiatives, according to the Dallas-based company.

Brit noted that UrgentWorks is an asynchronous Java script and XML (AJAX)-based application, so updates to critical results and urgent findings are available across the enterprise. Also, an ER Discordance Tool allows the radiologist to agree, disagree or strongly disagree with calls made in the ER. Delivery of results can be via UrgentCall, Brit’s calling solution, or by email, fax or texting the ordering clinician.